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How do I calculate the minimum sale price?

By 19 June 2020June 21st, 2020No Comments

In the catering industry, knowing how to calculate the minimum selling price for a finished product is always a nice cat to peel.

You just came up with the perfect dish! How much to sell it to? 10 euros will be too much? Well, then let's make 7 euros… But what do you earn selling it for 7 euros! We aim high: 18 euros! Isn't the price now too high and that's going to drive your customers away?

The sale price must be thought of at the table. There must be a minimum price, to which you have to add a profit margin in order to be able to camp and carry on your business.

But how do you calculate the sale price?

I think you understand how crucial it is to assign the minimum sale price! And I'll tell you more: have you ever thought that your dish, in addition to the costs of ingredients, contains among the most varied expenses? oh yes. What you should aim to do, is "engage" in the sale of your various products a little of all your expenses. Maintenance, employee wages, taxes and all various related costs.

I'm sure you already knew that and I'm not telling you anything new. But then, how do you calculate the minimum sale price?

It's an extremely mathematical and thoughtful operation, it's not based on simple multiplications and divisions… There are economic, numeral and temporal variables that need to be taken into account.

An accountant as a trusted person would be a good idea, but why pay third parties when you can do it yourself?

No, it's not a joke. Now, in the age of technology, a table software has been developed for this task. And of course the purpose of the software, in addition to performing difficult calculations, is to provide the user with a simple and familiar interface that allows him, in the most intuitive and fast way possible, to get the information you are looking for!

What is this software?

Use Novicrea to calculate the sales price can respond to how you calculate the minimum sale price!
In addition to what has been previously said, there are plenty of other features!

This software has the potential to become your ace up your sleeve to allow you to earn in a safe, reliable and professional way… is your virtual accountant/consultant, after all!

Among the many things this program is able to do, Novicrea can:

  • Calculate production costs per unit of product
  • Predicting production costs
  • Determine your real earnings
  • Estimate how much you'll earn by producing a certain type of product
  • Identify which products give you a better profit margin
  • Analyze and calculate before you produce, how much a product will cost you
  • Determine which price is best given the processing behind each product
  • Define how much a certain type of expense affects your product's production costs

Using it is really easy: you are not convinced? Well, you can yourself…

  • Request our free demo by visiting this page . . .
  • Create a 100% Guaranteed Account from Our Satisfied or Refunded Guarantee.

Here all the conditions are

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