The Digital Platform that make you save lots of money that you would otherwise burn like paper without realizing it.

Calculate the Production Cost of your Dishes and Products

Find out your REAL Profit Margin on every sale

You can use it wherever you want on all your devices

Novicrea is the first Digital Platform specialized in the Production Cost Calculation and Profit Margin Calculation

For sure, at least once, you’ve asked yourself

  • How much does it cost to produce my dishes and products?

  • Am I selling at the right price?

  • Can I improve my profit margins?

With Novicrea you’ll find out the real cost of your dishes and products in 4 simple steps

1. Sign In from any device

Create your account and calculate the cost of your products wherever you want with all your devices. Without limits.

2. Record your expenses

Enter the expenses of your business such as Energy Consumption, Staff, Equipment, Structures or Recurring Costs

3. Set the Production phase

Enter ingredients, work times, time of utilization of the equipment and all the variables that affect your dish/product during the preparation phase.

4. Find out your real profit margins

Novicrea’s algorithm calculates the production cost of the single dish/product and shows your REAL profit margin.

Only with Novicrea you can answer these questions

  • Know how much you EXACTLY spend to produce your dishes/products and ELIMINATE the risk of working at a loss

  • Calculate with mathematical precision what your REAL profit margins are

  • Find the best selling price

And also

  • Installation is not required and you can use it from any device connected to the internet

  • It does not require Information Technique or accounting skills and our Support team is at your disposal

  • You have immediate and qualified results



Mattia B.
My Natural Bakery snc

Useful for Pastry

Excellent, very useful product for pastry

Stefano T

Simplify your life

Very interesting, it simplifies the life of the restaurateur

Michele B.
Sicily Food Baviera

Versatile and Complete

Excellent program, versatile and complete. I advise it!

Gianfranco Miranda Riveros
Singita Fregene

Useful and well done

I’ve just started using it, I have to fully understand his potential to give an evalutation.
At the moment, it seems well done and useful.

Claudio P.
Wake and Bake di Claudio P.


Finally a way to calculate each cost!

Erii Nakajima
Rafor Academy S.a.s.

Precise and accurate

Currently, it’s responding well to my expectations: very precise and with accurate calculations.

Salvatore M. A.


How does Novicrea work exactly?

Novicrea allows you to record all your company costs, direct and indirect, and to configure the preparation phase. Its algorithm calculates the production cost and the EXACT profit margin considering all the expenses.

Can I use Novicrea on my Smartphone?

Of course! Novicrea adapts perfectly to all devices and allows you to calculate the cost of your products from smartphones, tablets and PCs.

I think I can't use Novicrea?

Novicrea was created precisely to allow everyone to perform calculations and operations that are normally exclusive to Accounting Experts. The only thing you need to do is enter the expenses of your business and set up your production processes, Novicrea will take care of the rest.
For any problem our Support team will be at your disposal to support you in the use.

Is Novicrea sold with a monthly subscription?

Normally the software for calculating production costs such as Novicrea are custom-made at an industrial level and cost thousands of euros -Novicrea is instead sold with a monthly subscription to minimize the cost - you can use it even for just a month or always keep up to date your expenses and your margins to no longer have surprises with loss making sales.

Can I try Novicrea for free?

It is not possible to use Novicrea for free. However, by activating your subscription now you are covered by our Guarantee which allows you to be compensated for 100% of the spent amount .

Do you want to know how much your products really cost and eliminate the risk of selling at a loss?