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The incidence of equipment on the plate

How much do the times of use of the equipment affect the cost of your dishes?

Calculating the incidence of equipment usage times on a single Plate is one of the basic operations that can be performed with Novicrea.

Thanks to this function, you will be able to establish standard times in the preparation phase, thus avoiding an excessive waste of energy resources which negatively affects your margins.

Step 1 – Register your Energy Consumption

Access the Energy Consumption section to record all consumption, such as electricity and gas, of your business.

You can assign the type of energy used to your Equipment.

You can record your consumption with annual values or keep them updated every time you receive an invoice/bill.

Step 2 – Register your Equipment

Open the Equipment section and record all the necessary data.

You can record consumption, the purchase value (for depreciation) and maintenance interventions.

Then you can record the use of the equipment during the preparation of a dish.

Step 3 – Costs per use and continuous consumption

Once you have selected the equipment being prepared, you will find out their impact on the plate cost.

The calculation will also include equipment registered as “constant consumption”, such as the refrigerator.


Novicrea calculates the REAL production cost and the REAL profit margin of the Dishes and Products you serve in your Restaurant.

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